National Art Museum auf China: The 5th China Beijing International Art Biennale 2012.09.28 to 2012.10.22

Human dreams for a bright future forever

Possible future bases on the reality at the foot

The reality is not desirable: the ecological crisis, the earthquake, the tsunami, the nuclear pollution, the wars, the religious conflicts, the terrorist attacks and so on, these natural calamities and man-made misfortunes are menacing the existence and the future of the humanity momently. These acute relations between the humanity and the nature and the conflicts among different cultures reflect the general anxieties for the future. And furthermore, which constitutes the importance and urgency to the searching of the possible future. The future is the result of the reality; the reality is the origin of the future. There are uncountable possibilities in the future. To a “harmonious world” of getting along friendly with each other and prosperous development, or to “the doomsday” of the ecological destruction and the desolation of home, depends on our realistic choice, attitude and action. Eliminating the realistic disasters, rebuilding the foundation of the way to the future, the humanity of the whole world build hand in hand in common the harmonious world, and make great efforts to create the beautiful future. It’s the advisable choice and sacred responsibility of us, including the contemporary artists, which also is the spiritual mission of contemporary art.

The prospect of the future has been always the ideological bailment of the sage of antiquity, from Chinese Liyun datong, to Republic of Plato in ancient Greece, and Utopia of Thomas More in England and so on, the depiction of the future becomes an import chapter in the art history. Every period has its distinct and picturesque branding, which only belongs to itself. The gesture of moving towards to the future of modern China attracts worldwide attention, and China also needs to know the world, which is moving towards the future.

The theme “Future and Reality” combines together the spiritual pursue to the future and the human concern for the reality: facing to the future the artists could gallop in the ideal and fly the imagination, we could enjoy the thinking for the beautiful future, and the perception to the realistic life based on the conception of future. Not only using for reference from the traditional style, grasping the visual essence, and accentuating the special experience and discovery of the artists, but also putting efforts in the searching of the artistic language, realizing the innovation in the aspect of the form extension in order to open a new world for the art presentation, and to co-build a surreal and colorful world which is moving towards the future. This artistic world makes records on the arduous footprint for extricating from the realistic difficulties to creating the nice future of the contemporary humanity, and also carrying the dream since ancient times of the humanity.

The future is unlimited, and art is unlimited!

(Offizielle Projektbeschreibung des Beijing Biennale Office of China Artists Association, dem Veranstalter der 5th Beijing International Art Biennale [BIAB], die vom 28. September bis 22. Oktober im National Art Museum of China [NAMOC] in Beijing stattfindet.)

Beschreibung meines Beitrags “Göttliche Komödie” für das Biennale- Kommittee:

Part 1 of a Triptychon about development and tendencies in the world. “Divine comedy” captures the theme of Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of delights”, but in vertical order: On top the creation of the world, in middle part the earthly paradise, on bottom the hell. It’s the way, medieval humans regarded the world in Europe: Everything is conducted by God, who in the belief of medieval people created the world, made strict rules for all humans. Who didn’t obey, was banned to hell forever.

Title is homage to Dante Alighieri, the medieval poet.

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